Winter Weddings

Planning a Winter Wedding?

For those brave souls who crave a unique wedding experience, or just couldn’t find an available reception hall available in June; winter is the perfect time to tie the knot (what better time to profess eternal love than during a cozy romantic season)

Obviously winter weddings tend to happen near or around the holidays so be careful with your color choices.  You want to stay away from color pairings that feel holiday or reference holiday ideas…unless you just can’t get enough of the holidays and you want your wedding to feel like an extension of the season.

A great way to bring in something chic and festive is to work with elegant white or ivory tones and pair with sophisticated metallic tones such as antique gold, pewter or copper.  Go heavy on candlelight.  The warm candle lights are perfect for a winter setting.

Winter weddings are so special; they almost always feel incredibly intimate and magical.  But when it’s cold outside, especially if it’s snowing, guest comfort becomes a heightened concern.  You want your venue to be warm and cozy but not stuffy.  The more people you have in one room, the stuffier it can get.  Ventilation is the key.

The most important thing to remember when planning a winter wedding is the weather!  We all know that winter can turn harsh without much warning and if you’re not prepared, it can spell disaster for you nuptials.

When you begin planning, imagine every possible scenario (wind, rain, snow, etc) and think of a plan in case those elements come into play.  If you’ve got a contingency plan, you won’t have to stress in the days leading up to your wedding.

Think of your guests: Will they have to walk along a snowy path to get to the ceremony? Does the reception hall get chilly due to all the large windows?  Should valet be stocked with umbrellas so no one gets drizzled on getting in and out of their car? These are all things you can think of in advance to ensure a flawless wedding day regardless of what Winter has in store!